Global and Local Procurement

Attending annual trade fairs in China, Hong Kong, United States and Europe ensures that we are riding on the leading edge of innovation and design. Locally we will walk the floors of the Australian Promotional Product Fairs, along with the retail gift fairs to ensure we can consolidate all the ideas under our one roof.

About IGC Global Promotions

Since its inception in 1956, IGC Global Promotions has grown and evolved by nature of globalisation. Today the IGC purchases over US$500million via a representation of 52 partners across 46 countries.  This buying power enables savings opportunities for all of our customers.  And as a group, we all share our knowledge and experience to assist each other in improving the supply of market-leading services for associated Global brands, in addition to our own local clients.

As the sole Australian representative of the IGC, Concept Partners represents best of the best in promo for our region. The overall Group holds a font of purchasing experience and expertise within the complex chain of promotional products. The supply chain is optimized and secured, because we work with controlled factories, take care of social and environmental responsibility and apply our detailed knowledge of local law and regulations in every step for Global brands aligned with our Group buying benefits.

All product sourced from offshore are tested to Australian Standards as required, and compliance to our Code of Conduct is mandatory.

Daily updates and knowledge sharing in the IGC K.I.S.S intranet (Knowledge Information Sharing System) is a gold mine that we are excited to share relevantly with our clients.

Information Posted Includes:
  • Product Releases
  • Audit and Compliance Certificates
  • Blacklisted/Recommended Suppliers
  • Factory Details
  • Consolidated Order Offers
  • Supplier Queries
  • Product Sourcing Recommendations

About APPA

Our membership ensures full access to Industry education programs and regional Supplier road-shows so we can source and offer you the latest and most innovative first-to-market products available to the Australian market.

Established in 1986, the Australasian Promotional Product Association (APPA) is the only professional trade association specifically for the promotional products and promotional marketing industry in the Australasian region. APPA promote the development, integrity, professionalism and creativity of the advertising form dedicated to promotional products and promotional marketing, ensuring good business practices and the highest industry and community standards.

Our membership qualifies us across all these standards and should provide you with peace-of-mind when partnering with us for your promo.