Promotional products customised for your brand, business or campaign.

The value of branded merchandise will be perceived by its relevance, is it unique, useful, thoughtful or simply a memorable occasion cleverly branded and marketed.

Whatever your objective, let us work with you to find that “just-right” product – sure to hit the mark with your target audience.

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Custom Branded Promotional Items for your brand, business or campaign.

Using Promotional Products for Marketing

Promotional products are items used in marketing to promote an organisation, product, service or program and include promotional gifts, corporate gifts, awards, corporate products, incentives, and prizes. Promotional products, corporate gifts and awards are considered one of the most effective tools for promoting a brand or business. It helps companies in many ways.

Promotional Products for Brand Awareness

Brand awareness simply means, creating a common perception in the mind of a consumer about an organisation. A brand is normally perceived as a group or association that has particular standards or a behaviour for how they do things. By using promotional products, such as awards, corporate gifts and other products, the public will be more likely to view the brand’s products or services as an indication of their values and standards.

Build a Strong Corporate Identity with Promotional Products

Promotional advertising builds a strong corporate identity. A corporate identity is the identification of a company or organisation that makes it different from others. It is usually based on the products, services or corporate image being portrayed. This concept of corporate identity is very important for marketing and advertising because it helps consumers make their buying decisions. Consumers are more inclined to purchase items or services that reflect the ideals or values of the brand. Brand identity marketing is very important to get consumers to buy your products and services.

Using Promotional Products as Freebies

Promotional products serve as freebies for the end-users. When used as freebies, the end-users are more likely to use them. Distributors of consumer merchandise know this better than anyone. Distributors know the effect of giving away free stuff, the more recipients use it, the more returns they will get from it. Merchandise distributors aim to have their freebies utilised by the end-users, but they also aim to turn these freebies into advertisements about the product or services being offered by the company.

Promotional Products Have Longevity

An important reason why promotional products for marketing are effective advertisements is that the promotional products last longer than other advertising. Unlike other advertising such as online, radio, television, newspaper, magazine, printed flyers, brochures and the like, promotional products last for quite some time. Merchandise distributed as simple giveaways is often known to last for several months and sometimes years.

Promotional Items Are More Likely to Attract Customers

Promotional items are more likely to attract customers than other advertising and marketing strategies. This is because gifts have always been used to show one’s gratitude to a friend, customer or a business partner. Other types of advertising strategies may work for a short time, but a long term strategy of giving gifts to customers and partners is enduring for all parties.

Promotional Products are an Affordable Way to Advertise

Using promotional products for marketing provides business with a more affordable way to advertise and market their businesses. For example, using custom printed bags for advertisement purposes may cost a business much less money, and could still be as effective, than other forms of advertising like newspapers, magazines, billboards, and television advertisements. These other types of advertising require costly materials and broadcasting time that many businesses simply do not have the budget for.

Setting Promotional Product Goals and Outcomes

Defining a Successful Outcome for Your Promotional Products

You should have a simple, ideal outcome in mind before doing anything with promotional items. Concept Partners promotional business can brand anything, offer and provide almost everything you may need, so it is important to ensure that you order the right goods to produce the results you want.

Examples of Ideal Outcomes when Using Promotional Products

For example, these could be some of the results you could be aiming for when embarking on using promotional items to promote your brand, business, services or products.
  • Launch a new brand.
  • Launch new products.
  • Increase visibility of your brand.
  • Create awareness of your current products or services.
  • Create a positive association with your existing brands.
  • Make your product visible and at the front of consumers’ minds.

Use Promotional Products to Create Brand Awareness and Generate Leads

When you work in an industry where customers pay a high cost to change suppliers then making and completing a sale can take weeks or months. If this is your type of business, then brand awareness development and leadership should be at the forefront of your mind. Concept Partners understand this objective and will work with you to determine the products that will be spot on for your target audience.

Generate Life-Cycle Customers with Promotional Merchandise

However, when you are in an industry where consumers order repeatedly, you need to concentrate on creating a long-term customer. In these circumstances, you can create a promotion where there is a dramatic offer in a promotional gift which encourages a potential customer to try out your product or service with a “never again” style incentive. For these promotions, pick swag products that consumers can use during their daily work and make sure, of course, that your contact details are prominent so that they can still easily reach you.

Educate Your Customers with Promotional Items

Where your preferred outcome is to create an action that will educate your customers then consider whether your product, or service, has a feature or competitive advantage customers may not really know about? For example, Concept Partners can provide printed promotional merchandise that could include instructional information on an item your target audience could use every day. Perhaps a message on a reusable coffee cup, protective safety gear or caps.

Create a Feeling from Using Your Promotional Products

Send a message and create a feeling about you and your company every time someone views or uses one of your promotional items. Do you want consumers to get the feeling your brand is a smart business with brilliant new ideas, maybe a creative brand, a leader in its industry, a big player, an enthusiastic smaller player or a quirky and creative company? Talk to us, Concept Partners, we’re an experienced promotional product and trade show specialist, and we can assist you with the ideas and a plan to achieve the best outcome.

Mass Exposure with Highly Visible Promotional Items

If your business or product is relatively unknown, or just starting out, and everyone at an event is a potential client, then you could choose for mass exposure. Using highly-visible inexpensive items and handing them out to anyone that will take them may be the most suitable option.

Use Promotional Products to Target Qualified Customers with Quality Products

When you’re a known brand and already have a targeted customer group, then you would be better served to have fewer, high quality, possibly more expensive products to give out to individuals who qualify as potential customers.

Return on Investment of Promotional Products

How do you quantify the return on investment of promotional products? As a modern day marketer, you’re trained to question and measure the yield on all advertising activities. For example, consider a car dealership or real estate agent giving away promotional key tags to potential customers. The giveaway product looks great and is functional. The promotional key tag is also likely to be retained by the recipient for at least a year. Typically a promotional product retained over a year is seen by 2.5 additional potential customers. Therefore, the promotional key tag has now created awareness for the car dealership or real estate agent to many more potential clients. The promotional item in this instance continues to promote their brand to multiple potential customers over a long period of time. So, when you calculate your return on investment for promotional products don’t just use the number of participants that initially received your product. Factor in another 2.5 times that number of participants for the additional audience obtained by way of the original receiver of your promotional product. Put simply, 100 key tags given away to 100 potential customers is really marketing to 350 potential customers – 100 plus 2.5 x 100 = 350.

Key Factors in Determining Return on Investment

Consider the Context of Use for Your Promotional Product

The functionality of a promotional product can be greatly impacted by the context where it is used. For instance, a moving company can benefit from giving away branded box tape, a repair company can benefit from giving away branded repair tools, a real estate agent can benefit from giving away branded key tags, etc.

Choose the Right Product to Create Brand Resonance

It is important to choose the right promotional product that connects with your brand and messaging. Simply because a promotional item is thrilling, it does not mean it will necessarily drive home the intended message. You still need to find promotional products that resonate with your viewers and carry your message by this brand association. The perfect promotional product with the largest return on investment will inevitably be one which takes into account equally the brand messaging, the cost and client interest.

Generate Lasting Value by Your Product Choice

There’s an almost endless supply of new promotional and merchandising material available. However, anything that is thrown away or put in the bottom drawer never to be used again, has little or no lasting value. Think about what your customers do, and what they use, on a daily basis. What’s relevant, what’s useful to your customers.
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