Face Masks to Use for Businesses in Australia

Does wearing a face mask prevent you from catching a virus?

Wearing a face mask is primarily to prevent the people around you from catching COVID-19 and other viruses. One of the hardest parts about preventing the Coronavirus is that people can have the disease, even when they are feeling well, and therefore transmit it without even knowing they have been the carrier.

Disposable Face Masks

How does a face mask help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Tiny droplets from your mouth can be transmitted through the air to people around you. If you prevent those germs going from one person to another, then you and the people around you, will not transmit the disease through breathing, coughing, sneezing on, or sneezing near another person.

In Australia should I wear a face mask even when I don’t have to by law?

In Victoria everyone has to wear a mask when outside (as of August 2020). However, even in other states, where the rules around the coronavirus are less strict, you can still reduce the risk of infection in your area by wearing a mask in public settings and at work. As someone wise once asked, “what’s the worst thing that will happen if you are too safe?”.

Why is fitting a face mask correctly so important?

Even if you have the best face mask available you will lose over 30% of its efficiency if you do not fit it snugly and comfortably. You will also lose its effect if you do not make sure you attach and take off the mask properly so that you do not transmit any germs to yourself.

How to remove and replace your face mask safely to prevent catching viruses.

It is really important to remove your face mask properly by taking one of the ear elastics off and bringing it across your face. Do not slide your face mask down below your face on to your neck. If you do that then any droplets that you may have come into contact with will be brought on to your face when bringing your mask back onto your face.

Applying and Fitting a Face Mask

Is using a face mask all you need to prevent the spread of a virus?

No, you need to ensure that germs are not spread between people through touch from another person or another surface that has the Covid germs on it. You need to wash your hands and don’t touch your face if you have touched another surface before you have washed your hands. It’s amazing how many times we touch our face with our hands and that’s exactly how you can give yourself Coronavirus if you don’t make sure you always have clean hands.

The Australian safety standard (AS4381:2015) referring to disposable face masks has three levels of protection. Level 3 masks provide the highest level of protection, level 2 masks are medium protection and Level 1 provides half the protection of a level 3 mask. All protection levels of face masks will protect those around you from contracting viruses along with other precautions such as washing your hands and social distancing.

The level of protection provided by a face mask is determined by these three areas:

  1. Bacterial Filtration.
  2. Fluid Resistance.
  3. Breathability.

What quality of face mask should you choose to protect yourself from viruses?

Level 3 face masks.

Level 3 protection is the highest level of protection and is designed as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for professional healthcare workers usually. If you have light contact within the community then a level 3 mask is not necessary for prevention of the Coronavirus in general situations. If you need to work closely to others and find social distancing difficult then the good news is that there are now suppliers providing level 3 face masks to the general public both on a personal level and you can bulk buy masks from reputable suppliers too.

Level 2 Disposable Face MasksAn Example of Level 2 Disposable Face Masks.

Level 2 face masks.

Level 2 Face masks are readily available and would be considered a sensible and careful choice for regular community situations designed to prevent local area transmission of Coronavirus through droplets expelled from the mouth and they work very well.

Level 1 face masks.

If you have limited contact in the community then a level 1 face mask will suffice for short, limited contact outings however our recommendation would be to use a level 2 if possible.

Should you use a disposable or reusable face mask for virus prevention?

The big difference between disposable and reusable masks is their certification standard. Disposable masks are certified as level 1, 2 or 3. Level 3 is the highest level of protection and provides a high resistance to fluids (should be at least 160mm/hg), while level 1 provides half that level of protection.

Reusable masks can be made in a variety of materials including a variety of density of those materials. Homemade masks and bandanas have been shown to accumulate germs and actually can increase the chance of transmission. It is suggested that you buy reusable masks from a reputable supplier unless you follow instructions from a reputable medical institution about the makeup and material of the mask you intend to make.

Disposable face masks for virus protection.

Disposable face masks are easy to use and easy to dispose of. However, they are only single-use items that should not be used for more than 4 hours before replacement. There are now suppliers with level 2 and level 3 face masks available and these will prevent the spread of Coronavirus when fitted snugly and replaced at the intervals suggested.

Before and after using the mask it is critical that you wash your hands in order to ensure that no contamination occurs between the mask and your hands or face.

Reusable face masks for virus protection.

Reusable face masks can be washed and reused again and again. Reusable cloth masks should not be used for more than 8 hours before washing. You can also use replaceable internal filters for masks that offer that facility.

Reusable masks come in synthetic or natural material and only perform well when washed regularly (after a maximum of 8 hours use), and when they have the internal filter replaced where applicable.

Use Face Masks to Protect Yourself and Your Staff

Concept Partners are a trusted Australian supplier of bulk disposable, reusable and printed face masks for business.

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Reusable Polyester Face Mask

Reusable Polyester Virus Protection Face Masks

Usually slightly less expensive, polyester masks are easy to keep clean and to wash. The added benefit with these masks is they are available in different colours too.

Reusable Cotton Face Mask

Reusable Cotton Virus Protection Face Masks

Cotton masks are a more natural option than polyester and may breathe a little easier depending on the density of the fibre and the way they are made.

Buying face masks online.

There are a lot of suppliers offering face masks online and the quality of masks, particularly cloth masks, will vary dramatically. Some research is recommended so you can find an established supplier and be assured of a purchasing a quality product.

Bulk buying face masks.

Merchandise and conference supply businesses are used to supplying products in large numbers for companies so they are often a good source and have the ability to supply you with bulk purchases when buying for business and a large number of people.

Branded face masks.

The coronavirus outbreak has been a shock to everyone and it looks like it is here to stay for some time. The next phase in face masks for the workplace will be branded face masks with company logos and company colours. It will be interesting to see who comes up with the best face mask designs and styles for Australian businesses.

See our economical bulk purchase range of Face Masks for Businesss.

The recommended advice about wearing face masks in Australia.

  • If you are in a public area with a lot of people, then wear a mask and wash your hands regularly whether it is the law or not.
  • Level 2 masks are perfectly acceptable. However, if you are in constant close contact with others as part of your work, then consider the non-PPE level 3 masks that are readily available.
  • Even if you choose reusable face masks make sure you have a supply of disposable face masks handy, particularly if you are in a business or large group environment.
  • Make sure your mask fits properly or you will lose a lot of the value of wearing the face mask.
  • Wear a mask in public even when you feel well because you can spread the disease before you know you are carrying it.
  • COVID-19 is mostly spread by transferring the virus from the air or your hands into your mouth so make sure you always keep your hands and your face clean.

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